Boasting of big crowds and complaining of perceived slights is nothing new “I was invited to speak to the national press club recently, and when I…I spoke there we had the largest crowd they said since Kruschev and Castro spoke, so I drew as large a crowd as they drew to the National Press Club in Washington D.C. Well, after I concluded my speech, the president announced, I think the next day, that he wasn’t going to recommend that the Governor of Alabam receive the traditional certificate of appreciation given to those who spoke to the National Press Club. They gave Kruschev and Castro the traditional certificate of appreciation; two men who have brought more misery to this nation and to the free world, who have shot American flyers down, who have the missiles aimed at us from Cuba, 90 miles away from the shores of the United States. They gave them the tradition certificate of appreciation; but they don’t want the Governor of a state like Alabama or Arkansas because of what we stand for. So I would like to say tonight to who alls listening, as far as I’m personally concerned, the National Press Club can keep their tradition certificate, and they know what they can do with it.” –George Wallace, 1964


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